The University of Missouri's Largest Hackathon and Programming Competition

From fake news detection, to social networking, to tracking personal data, the role of tech in media is becoming increasingly important. This year TigerHacks is partnering with the University of Missouri Reynolds Journalism Institute to focus on new approaches to communicating, connecting, and influencing people.

Teams will be awarded prizes for innovative projects in the field of media and journalism. This multidisciplinary collaboration has the potential for a truly unique hackathon experience, and we know that the ideas will be stronger than ever!

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Everyone over the age of 18, mainly college students!


Countries: USA 

How to enter

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Prof. Dong Xu

Prof. Dong Xu
Director of Information Technology

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Pearse Hutson
Web Application Developer at Veterans United

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Alan Barr
QA Architect at Veterans United

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Kean Mattingly
Web Application Developer at Veterans United

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Mike Williams
CEO and Founder of Software Design Partners

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation
  • Polish/User Experience
  • Functionality
  • Impact/Potential
  • Presentation